Enhance your sleep

People always ask...

Does lavender help you sleep?

Lavender is a natural sleep aid. That's why we have a whole collections with sleep mists, roll ons and magnesium spray.

How much sleep do we need?

An adult should have approximately 7 hours to stay fit and well. H2k lends a helping hand with lots of sleep well products.

What's so good about magnesium?

Our bodies tend not to produce enough magnesium, which helps to reduce cramps and muscle ache. H2k's magnesium formula also includes arnica and rosehip, which help to reduce pain further as well as reduce inflammation.

Can I refill my magnesium bottle?

H2k magnesium bottles are made from aluminium, so you can refill them with the 500ml aluminium bottle as well as bring them in store for refilling.