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H2k Botanicals

OMG Magnesium Sensitive Spray BUNDLE

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2 x 150ml magnesium OMG bottles

For a better night's sleep choose our magnesium spray bundle and save 10%. Either two for you or one for a friend?

2 x150ml OMG Magnesium Sensitive Spray worth £39.98 for just £36.

Why OMG Sensitive Magnesium Spray and how to use it:  spray onto a thin part of your skin e.g. back of the knee, neck or any muscles that ache (not face/eyes).  It will dry within approx.30 seconds, but you can also rub it in with you hands if need be.  You should notice the difference within about a minute.  For sleep enhancement, use about 2-3 sprays for full effect.  

  • Magnesium can support muscle function.
  • Lavender helps to promote sleep .
  • Arnica can ease joint and muscle pain.
  • Rosehip can reduce inflammation.
  • Melon seed oil helps to calm sensitive skin.
If you already have an OMG Magnesium Sensitive Spray bottle and have ran out, then you can get our OMG Magnesium Spray 500ml refill bottle for an even bigger saving.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Sleeping at last!

    I can’t believe how much this has helped me sleep as well as calm my restless legs that I occasionally get. A few sprays on the inside of my elbows and backs of my knees and soles of feet before bed and then blissful sleep.

    Julie H
    Excellent product

    I love this magnesium spray. I use it every night and it lasts for months.
    I use it on my dodgy knee for pain relief and on my calves for restless legs.
    It works brilliantly for both. Whenever I forget or go away without it I know about it. I have 2 now so I have one in my going away bag all the time as I travel quite a bit with work.
    Highly recommended from a 55 year old woman struggling with all the hormones life throws at us!

    Thank you ever so much for your comments. Not only do we appreciate them, but our other customers will benefit from your review. Thank you again.

    Sue P
    Brilliant product

    I stumbled upon H2k Botanicals when I was staying with my nephew and his family in Harrogate. I saw the Omg magnesium spray, and bought one for my daughter (who has difficulty sleeping). I also bought the smallest size one for me to try. I am amazed by it! I always thought I was a good sleeper, but since I've been using it I realise I wasn't. I now sleep really deeply, dream vividly, and don't stir for 7-8 hours! I also feel properly refreshed. For anyone who struggles to get a good night's sleep, I highly recommend this product.

    Jane French

    I have been so pleased with the results that I have had from using this product