H2k's secret & a message from our founder...

A message from Hazel.....

"Having many spent years
trying to find vegan skin care products that worked with my hyper sensitivity and inflamed skin, I decided to create my own.   I worked tirelessly through my teens and early 20’s testing and formulating until finally I found the secret that worked in Year 2000.  The Kalahari melon seed oil.  It was only then, that the real work began and I realised what I could do if I put my mind to it.

I developed our first collection of skin care products “for beautiful skin” in the early part of Year 2000. This was a major revelation for me as whilst I knew I'd found the cure for my skin, I hadn’t realised how much of an impact it could make on other people.   So much so, that when someone rang me to say “wow I’ve had eczema for years and this is the only thing that works to calm my skin” did I actually feel a sense of achievement.   

As the brand has grown, so has my vision for helping others.   Feeling burnt out, stressed or just tired with every day life is extremely difficult to deal with and many of us don’t feel supported.  I used to feel family and/or friends could help me feel good, but then I realised it had to come from within and that’s when it hit me.  I needed to help other people, like me - not perfect - just someone who wants to feel good every day, not just now and then.  It was this that inspired me to add to our skincare and toiletries collections and create our sleep, well-being products of candles, diffusers and oils.  All have
a sense of purpose - to care for you. 
With free trade or/and organic ingredients, it felt like it was just
what the doctor ordered and once I started I just couldn’t stop.  I’m formulating now for next year’s products and the whole process makes me feel relaxed, helps me sleep and gives me good karma

Creating skin and well-being
products is a dream come true for me.  Formulating
and developing new ideas is a wonderful journey to be on and I feel so lucky to be doing something I love.  Having said that, I’ve had days when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out, to days where I’ve been jumping for joy, but the real secret for me is when we receive a letter or phone call saying how we’ve helped someone’s skin.   These really are the best moments.  People often say to me… why do you still answer the phone?, surely you haven’t time for that.  And I just say, when would I not have time for someone?   The day I stop listening is the day I’ll stop altogether.

The H2k journey, whilst always enjoyable, has also been tricky at times.  Many hiccups (as i call them) stemmed from ill-health, others from simply being me: a a working mum managing day-to-day family life. I’ve survived a few recessions and had covid thrown in, but I’m still making my beautiful formulations from natural ingredients, thus creating happiness for me and those who wish to join me. With that in mind I’d like to say a big thank you, not just to those that have sent letters, emails and cards or even taken the time to ring, to say how H2k has helped you, but to everyone who has had some hand in H2k.    We’re still here after 22 years because of you and of course our tremendous H2k team.  I feel like I’ve an extended family with H2k Botanicals and I’d jump through hoops to help any of them.  They’re all so loyal and I feel extremely lucky every day.

I guess the secret isn’t just the
Kalahari melon seed oil, but to believe in yourself and your dreams…some of them do come true"

Our Key Ingredient

Calm skin promotes relaxation and can aid sleep

Our products have our beloved Kalahari melon seed oil in their formulations. So what's all the fuss about?

We hand-picked Kalahari melon seed oil for its wonderful benefits for even the most sensitive of skin. It is a nourishing oil that is comprised of two essential components that help repair the skin barrier: vitamin e and linoleic acid. This dynamic duo work hard to simultaneously repair and protect your skin barrier on a cellular level.

Kalahari melon oil is also naturally rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which are amazing for helping the skin appear firmer, and reduce the signs for premature aging.

  • Hazel - Founder & MD

    Hazel is our lovely MD and Founder. Mostly spends her day formulating new scents and/or chatting with customers.

  • Kerry - Flagship Store Manager

    Our wonderful Harrogate store is run by shop manager Kerry, who helps with everything from shop management and visual merchandising to product development.

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  • Behind the scenes

    We have a wealth of experience with our wonderful customer service and production team, so whilst you may not directly speak with them, Steve, Kenny, Jim, Theresa and Kelly work tirelessly to bring you the best products in an agreed time-frame

  • Tom and Edith - Production & Warehousing

    Well respected by all that know them Tom and Edith are instrumental in managing stock, ingredients and orders. Their friendly personalities and willingness to get things right are key to the business.

  • Oscar - Staff Motivator

    Oscar is our staff motivator and we could not do without him! Between chasing squirrels and munching treats, Oscar's day is jam-packed with important responsibilities.

  • Our Farmers

    Although not a part of our every day team, our farmers are at the heart of H2k.

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  • Harrogate Hospital

    H2k Botanicals is proud to support Harrogate Hospital in our home town. Helping other's is in our opinion, the kindest and most natural act of human nature. We are incredibly fond of the fabulous palliative care team at the hospital.

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  • Woodland Trust

    Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity. Because we care so deeply about the planet and are always taking inspiration from nature, the Woodland Trust is a partnership we are incredibly proud of.

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  • Yorkshire Children's Charity

    Yorkshire Children's Charity is dedicated to helping children who are disadvantaged through disabilities, ill health or financial circumstances. We are proud to support such a special charity doing such amazing work.

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