Looking after mature skin

People always ask...

What should I use for mature skin?

H2k has years of experience of making formulas for mature skin, so choose from our hyaluronic acid face cream or facial oil and you won't be disappointed. They're created for super hydration, whilst helping to reduce fine lines and blemishes.

Why is my skin so dry?

The ageing process changes your skin approximately, every 7 years, so as we grow into our later years our skin produces less collagen. The trick is to drink lots of water as well as using hydrating toiletries and skin care.

What do I use for age spots?

H2k's (nick named) "miracle" oil is amazing for age spots as it has a host of anti-inflammatory oils, which care for the skin night and day, whilst helping to reduce age spots and fine lines.

What's the best shower gel for aging skin?

All of our shower gels are super hydrating, so just pick whichever you like the look or have used before... happy browsing. However, our new aluminium Sage leaf bath & shower gel is great to renew skin tone.