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People always ask...

Is Magnesium good for travelling

OMG Magnesium has been formulated for sensitive skin so you can use it over and over again. Take the "travel" 30ml with you for the night you've dreamed of.. lots of sleep and relaxation!

Does lavender help you sleep?

Lavender and more lavender... is sometimes the answer. Rest and relaxation are at their best with H2k, so it's time to consider sleep mists and stress relieving lavender pulse point rolls-ons.

How do I relax whilst travelling?

Many of our customers have been buying our sleep mist year after year. At just £8.99 this is a great buy to help you sleep and give you good karma, whether you're travelling by car, rail or air.

How do I travel without pain?

Using H2k's magnesium spray, lavender spray or pulse point roll-on, will help you relax. As a result this may help your muscles to calm down, thus reduce your anxiety and pain. H2k's magnesium spray also helps to reduce cramp and muscle pain, so this would be one of our recommendations.