Hair Care for all Hair Types

People always ask...

What's the best shampoo for fine hair?

H2k has two shampoos for fine hair. The Revitalising shampoo and our Clementine and Verbena Conditioning Shampoo. Both are really popular, creating volume and silky smooth locks.

What's the point of hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner soothes outs knots and gives you a lovely sheen. The trick is to only put one or two doses on your hair and only put on 3-5 cm from the scalp.

What's the best shampoo for thick curly hair

We've had our Organic lifestyle shampoo for over 20 years now and we've a wealth of customers buying this for their curly hair. It's the natural formula of seakelp and aloe vera that keeps those thick locks in place. Best used with our organic lifestyle hair conditioner.

Has H2k ever won an award for their shampoo?

Yes, H2k's Calm Seas Conditioning shampoo with cocoa butter and mango won the Veggie Award of the Year in 2022.