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OMG Magnesium Sensitive Spray 30ml (Travel Size)

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Formulated to ease aches & pains, not to mention provide a better night’s sleep

30ml travel size for the post-gym workout, flight-rest, post-cycling, handbag etc. 

Why choose OMG Sensitive Magnesium Spray and how to use it  

spray onto a thin part of your skin e.g. back of the knee, neck or any muscles that ache (not face/eyes).  It will dry in approximately 30 seconds. You can also rub it in with your hands if need be.  You should notice the difference within about a minute.  For sleep enhancement, use about 2-3 sprays for full effect.  

  • Magnesium - supports muscle function
  • Lavender - promotes sleep
  • Arnica - eases joint pain
  • Rosehip - natural anti-inflammatory aid
  • Melon seed oil - helps calm sensitive skin

Refill in store or at home with our OMG Magnesium Spray Refill Bottle 500ml.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Francesca Marjoram - Talk for Change Therapy
OMG magnesium spray wonder product

I purchased this from a TikTok stocking filler recommendation for my lovely 20 something daughter who works in palliative care and has insomnia as a fall out from the demands of her job and city life.
She text me to say she felt there was an unbelievable improvement in her sleep and mood. Generally helping her to feel soothed and calmer in the evening helping her with her de-stress routines. Will definitely keep up a flow of it for her. Handy hand bag size means it’s portable and discreet although she had shared it in the office!

Immediate pain relief

Have got my friends on this now having suffered a fall up a concrete staircase and really jarring my back. Sprayed this on after 4 days of cramp like pain and it went almost immediately. I also put it on achey joints at bedtime and have felt NO PAIN in bed which is a first.