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  • Hazel - Founder & MD

    Hazel is our lovely MD and Founder. Mostly spends her day formulating new scents and/or chatting with customers.

  • Kerry - Flagship Store Manager

    Our wonderful Harrogate store is run by shop manager Kerry, who helps with everything from shop management and visual merchandising to product development.

  • Behind the scenes

    We have a wealth of experience with our wonderful customer service and production team, so whilst you may not directly speak with them, Steve, Kenny, Jim, Theresa and Kelly work tirelessly to bring you the best products in an agreed time-frame

  • Tom and Edith - Production & Warehousing

    Well respected by all that know them Tom and Edith are instrumental in managing stock, ingredients and orders. Their friendly personalities and willingness to get things right are key to the business.

  • Oscar - Staff Motivator

    Oscar is our staff motivator and we could not do without him! Between chasing squirrels and munching treats, Oscar's day is jam-packed with important responsibilities.

  • Our Farmers

    Although not a part of our every day team, our farmers are at the heart of H2k.

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