Best hand creams to hydrate and heal dry skin

Best hand creams to hydrate and heal dry skin

Having spent most of my teens with itchy and dry skin, I needed to make products that help with sensitive skin.  I mean, how do you get rid of soreness and how can you rid yourself of eczema ? Is it possible even possible?I   'm not sure of the answers to all, but you can help yourself with a daily cream that's great for dry skin and chapped hands.   

We've been lucky enough to be formulating hand creams for over 20 years and have just the solution for dry skin. Many of our customers have various skin conditions and buy our products due to them being non-greasy and great for chapped or dehydrated skin.  One of our most popular hand creams is in our Mischief collection.  We've combined the unusual extracts of eucalyptus and frankincense, widely known for their hydrating properties and when mixed together this special H2k formula become super moisturizing, caring for the skin 24/7.  I love this and keep the 100ml in my handbag, particularly during the cold weather.

Now I'm reaching my late forties, my hands are beginning to show my age.  I guess that's why this cream is particularly helpful.  Frankincense is known for it's anti-aging properties, so this hand & body lotion is a "hands-down" winner for me. 

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