Mischief with Eucalyptus and Frankincense

Eucalyptus works to boost ceremide production to help retain moisture, whilst frankincense helps fight the signs of ageing. When combined these amazing extracts calm and promote healthy skin.

People always ask...

Is frankincense good for the skin?

H2k's mischeif collection is formulated to even out complexion, and add elasticity to the skin. The combination of eucalpytus and frankincense in our formula, minimises fine lines and helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars.

What cream can I buy for eczema?

Many of H2k's customers have been buying H2k's mischief hand and body lotion for their eczema for years.

What shower gel can I use for my eczema?

H2k has been supplying their mischief collection to people with eczema for over 20 years. We suggest you try it on a small skin-patch-test first, as everyone is different.

What's the best hair and body wash?

H2k's mischief hair and body wash is very popular. With a beautiful scent and soothing soft gel, it still one of our best sellers.