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H2k Botanicals

Hamper for the Organic Lifestyle - Lotion, Shampoo, Handwash & Bodywash

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Hamper Gift Box
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What makes it special?

With the gentle tones of aloe vera, the nourishing vibrancy of seakelp and the scrumptious tones of cucumber, these wonderful products have been formulated to improve skin tone and give an enriching body glow.

What are the key ingredients and benefits of these products?

  • Ingredients Highlight
    • Aloe Vera: Provides gentle tones and hydration
    • Seakelp: Offers nourishing vibrancy
    • Cucumber: Adds scrumptious tones and aids in improving skin tone

What is included in the Hamper Gift Box?

  • Hamper Gift Box Contents
    • 50ml and 100ml Hydrating Cucumber Hand & Body Lotion
      • Provides rich nourishment and smooth skin
    • 100ml & 250ml Energising Shampoo
      • Ideal for thick or curly hair
    • 250ml Natural Cucumber Hand Wash
    • 100ml Bell-shaped Seakelp Hand and Body Wash

Why is this Hamper Gift Box a great choice?

  • Gift Box Appeal
    • Includes a variety of products for a complete skincare and hair care routine
    • Packaged beautifully with a ribbon for gifting ease