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H2k Botanicals

Black Cherry and Rose Hand and Body Wash 100ml Jewel

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What sets it apart?

Cherry Velvet Hand and Body Wash combines natural rose and brightening black cherry extracts to create a revitalising wash.

Key Ingredients:

  • Natural rose: Provides a gentle fragrance and soothing properties.
  • Brightening black cherry: Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants to defend skin and reduce inflammation.


  • 100ml size for daily use.
  • Luxurious texture creates a rich lather for a pampering experience.
  • Enhances skin's radiance with brightening tones.
  • Suitable for daily use on all skin types.
  • Great handy size for travel or home w/c

Who should use it?

Ideal for those seeking a nourishing, hydrating body wash that promotes skin health and radiance.