Hydrating Vitamin E with Clementine and Verbena

Clementine and Verbena with vitamin E, helps to fight the signs of ageing, whilst helping to reduce skin pigmentation. Verbena is high in antiseptic content and helps to fight the clogging of pores whilst hydrating the skin.

People always ask...

Is Vitamin E good for the skin?

Vitamin E is a great skin boosting vitamin. It helps to hydrate and give the skin it needs to look good and healthy.

Is clementine fragrance similar to tangerine?

The fragrance of this collections is a gentle clementine scent, thus not too strong, but juicy enough to make you feel good and know you're skin has been hydrated.

What's the Clementine Shampoo like?

The clementine and verbena shampoo or great for fine hair. The formula gives it the boost it needs to create vibrant locks and a healthy shine.