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The perfect night's sleep

Positive thinking sounds easy, but thinking straight and keeping calm isn't always as simple after a day at work and looking after the kids.

That's why we've created a little bit of serenity just for you.  We were thinking of what we need to chill-out either during the day or when going to bed and in the end, despite being temped by the odd glass of wine or two, we thought we'd choose a roll-on created for sleep and anxiety. 

I don't know about you... but since hitting my 40's, life seems to have become more challenging.   Whilst I thought I knew myself for being fairly calm, faced with a full-on career, hormone imbalance, parent responsibility including becoming a "teenage taxi-service?", sometimes, I get to the end of the day and wonder how I got through it?  That's where this roll-on helps.  I bought it to help me sleep, but it's now in my handbag and it comes out about 10 times a day to calm me down!    I also love the sleep spray as the ylang ylang gives me that "good karma" but I only use this at night time as I don't want to fall asleep in front of my colleagues... may be I won't mention this to my boss lol !  To be honest thought, they all know I'm not infallible, just a normal human being like the rest of us☺.  At the end of the day, who wants to be perfect anyway?  


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