What's The Best Sleep Routine For Wellness? How Much Sleep Do We Need?

What's The Best Sleep Routine For Wellness? How Much Sleep Do We Need?

How much sleep do we need? We’re not usually ones for fad diets and fleeting trends, but when it comes to well-being, we get excited about the new and up-and-coming practices that surface every year. If you're struggling to get enough sleep, our OMG Sensitive Magnesium Oil Sprays can really help and have great reviews from our customers. As such we're looking into restless night's sleep and what we can do to help.  

1. Settling into a sleep routine

Let’s be honest, sometimes life is just too busy to manage getting in the full eight hours of recommended shuteye. But trying to make sure that you’re in bed at the same time every night and wake up at a similar time every morning works wonders for creating a sleep schedule to help you be the best version of yourself…even without caffeine.  

When in bed, spraying some lavender mist spray on your pillow can help you to relax and get in the mood for sleep.

2. Low impact exercise  

We’re not all gym bunnies, nor do we all have the time to fit a hardcore workout into our busy life schedules, so we hear your sighs of relief with this one. We think it’s much more important to move our bodies every day in a way that we actually enjoy, rather than sweating on the treadmill hating every second. Why not try getting your steps in for the day or going to a yoga class? This will not only help your fitness but is good for the mind and soul too.  

3. Skin care in a few easy step 

We preach skincare minimalism. Sometimes things just need to be stripped back. Now, we’re not saying that it’s wrong to be a skincare maximalist, but particularly if you struggle with skin sensitivity it is better to keep your routine as simple as possible to help with irritation. It saves time, is more sustainable and can be more beneficial to your skin. Are you sold yet? Our Secret Skin moisturiser and facial oil duo are make the perfect minimalist routine, paired with our Secret Skin wet and dry cleanser. 

4. Prioritising gut health 

Gut health effects your body much more than you first might assume. Your gut has several important jobs to including digesting food, storing bacteria, absorbing nutrients and energy and getting rid of waste. Imbalances with your gut can therefore have effects on your health that you probably never realised…including your skin! Let’s make sure we prioritise to get in those supplements or pro-biotics

5. Make a Gratitude Journal 

It can be easy when you’ve had a dreary day, to forget about the things we should be grateful for. Making a gratitude journal is the best way to remind us of just what we should be thankful for. Try starting out by writing a list of things or people who make you feel grateful and why. Suddenly, you’ll find that dreary day will start to feel a little sunnier.  

We hope you found these tips helpful – we’d love to know which trends you’d like to try! If you need a little extra help getting to sleep at night, take a look at our sleep range where you can get relaxing mists, lotions, room scents to help you relax and sleep.

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