Signs of Change: Menopausal Or Just Busy?

Signs of Change: Menopausal Or Just Busy?

Is It the Menopause or Just Aging?

I’d like to think I’m not suffering from the menopause or even peri-menopause, but I keep having little reminders that make me think perhaps I am.   For example; yesterday I picked the phone up to ring my mum, ordered some things online, then realised 2 hours later, I’d not made the call. Is this an age thing or a symptom of the menopause? All I know is, I definitely feel older than I did 10 years ago.


The Tell tale Signs

I suppose there are other give-aways such as lack of sleep, feeling hot or simply being bored or frustrated with the daily routine. But then I think, the latter is a result of being the mother of a teenage daughter, clearing up family household mess year after year? Wouldn’t anyone be bored by their late forties doing that?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but I do remember flying aeroplanes, driving sports cars and going to the races. I also recall spending the day in the garden and lazy Sundays reading the paper, most of which went by the wayside, post baby.


The Exhaustion of Womanhood

May be that’s why, by the time some of us females are approaching 50, we're simply exhausted. The reality is: we’ve managed childbirth, dealt with the emotional baby and toddler roller coaster, handled hormonal teenagers, been an unpaid taxi service and usually managed a divorce or two. All of this whilst having a career and being a parent. Just writing it down makes me feel tired.


Coping Mechanisms

So yes I am most likely suffering from the menopause and yes some days I do feel very frustrated, but sometimes I‘m just over-busy and whilst I am very organised, the s*it hits the fan now and then. On the plus side, I’ve been using H2k’s roll-on anxiety and sleep remedy which is helping to relax me in the evening. It’s that little bit of serenity I allow myself every night before I go to sleep. I know it’s not going to change my whole life, but at least it’s a little bit of wellness and me-time, which is really important to me as I manage my life into middle age.  Now just saying that makes me feel old


Looking Ahead

Who knows, we might come out the other side serene and calm?

Perhaps, I could then answer my daughter's question “Mum, will you ever be as relaxed as grandma ?” My answer: “that’s stretching it a bit , given grandma is virtually horizontal nowadays, but I’ll give it go!”


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